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Services are for entertainment purposes only and are not performed by licensed cosmetologists (unless you book an adult party package).  Purposed Party owners & employees are not responsible for any injuries, allergic reactions that can or may occur during spa/party services/activities or due to the use of any products, food or costumes during or after the party. It is the responsibility of the guest and/or guests’ parent or guardian to inform us of any specific allergies. Hosting parents assume all responsibility, the risk of all activities is that of the parents, and parents hosting party.

BUS PARKING: Before booking and placing a deposit, please be sure that you have the space for our Party Bus to park for the allotted party time. The Purposed Party Bus is 38’ long. If you are using a parking lot space of a venue, park, building, church, etc., it is your responsibility to communicate with the owner and confirm that our Bus will be allowed to park there for the allotted party time.

PARTY TIMES: Kids, Teens, and Adult Parties/Event Rentals may be booked Friday  6 PM- 8 PM, Saturday 11 AM- 8 PM, and Sunday 3 PM- 6 PM.

We are more than happy to allow you to have a joint party but please note that there will be an additional fee of $20 added to your party package for each additional guest of honor.

Please be sure that the point of contact is the person that will be the Hosting Parent of your event. To reserve your party/event date, a deposit of half of the party/rental price is due at online booking. The remaining balance is due 5 days prior to your party/event date. An invoice will be sent 7 days prior to the event date.

Purposed Party determines mileage fees based on the suggested routes of Google maps outside of 48034 zip code. Area codes over 20 to 29 miles – $ 25 fee Area codes over 30 miles – $ 35 fee Further than 40 miles – $35 for the first 39 miles + $5 for each additional mile.  We travel up to 50 miles from Southfield, MI (48034). If you are out of state and would like us to travel to you, please email us for a mileage quote.

All party packages and rentals must be canceled 5 days prior to your event date or your deposit is non-refundable. We take great pride and time in our events and appreciate the courtesy of canceling in time. If you cannot cancel in time, we highly recommend rescheduling to avoid losing out on your deposit. If you are canceling a custom party with personalized material and you paid a deposit, your deposit is nonrefundable and custom parties must be canceled 10 days in advance since we start working on customized parties far in advance to provide the client exactly what they are looking for. If you must reschedule, please do so 5 days prior to your event. Reschedule custom parties 10 days in advance from your currently scheduled party. Your party details cannot change when rescheduling.

Final payment is due 5 days prior to your event. Payment can be made with a major credit or debit card. Final invoices are sent out 7 days before your event. If you booked a rush party, a party booked with less than two weeks’ notice, you may get your final invoice 2 days before event. Custom parties are not available to be rushed. Deposit payments are due at booking through our site using Stripe. Checks are not accepted.

No Refunds will be issued on any services that have already taken place. If you are canceling your event with less than a 5 days’ notice, no refunds will be permitted on deposits made. We highly recommend rescheduling to avoid losing out on your deposit.

Set-up is different depending on the party you choose. Generally, we need 30 mins of set up time needed upon arrival before start of your event and 15 mins for breakdown at conclusion of your event. You will know when it’s party time when we place the pink carpet and gold stanchions outside of the truck! We will also send you a courtesy text when we arrive and when we are done setting up and ready to board. Please do not send party participants to the bus until notified that we are set up.

Your final guest list (with ages for minors) is due 5 days prior to your party/event with the final payment. We will use this count to determine appropriate quantities for costumes, seating, stations, supplies, etc. and we will charge accordingly for any additional guests not counted for.

Parties with over 8 children attending require an additional fee of $25.00 for an additional party hostess. We pair 2-4 children to one hostess so that each child may get the individual attention that they need to ensure a seamless experience.

Gratuity/Tipping charges are not required for clients, however are appreciated for a job well done by our hostesses.

If it is not already provided by Purposed Party (depending on party package), clients can bring minimal outside food and beverages into the bus, however, please keep in mind space AND time is limited. If this causes you to go over the allotted party time, you will be charged accordingly. No burners or flames allowed.

The space on the Purposed Party Bus only allows for no more than 2 parents max to stay during the party time and no room for additional person(s) that are not a part of the final head count for the actual party guests. Parents are free to alternate throughout the party time.

Parents can bring their own favor bags onto the bus. Please notify us before hand and have them ready for us before the party start time for us to setup.

Our party pricing is strictly based on the services included in each of our party themes. Substitute of one service/activity for another is not allowed. Please refer to our Add On services list that you can add to your package.

For parties that are not booked at least two weeks in advance, there will be a $30.00 rush fee. Parties that are booked less than one week in advance will be charged a rush fee of $50.00.

We bring along music and entertainment appropriate for the age and demographic of our parties, however if you would like specific music, we can honor it if it is age appropriate.

Party guests will not be forced to participate in any activity they chose not to participate in.

Socks and/or shoes are always required  aboard the Purposed Party bus. No bare feet are allowed (unless party guest is receiving a mini pedicure service). Guests must wear undershirts and leggings or jeans under all costumes.

It is not our responsibility to discipline party guests. It is the responsibility of the hosting parent to appropriately handle any children that are misbehaving.

The hosting parent needs to have a list of emergency contacts for all party guests (including full name, phone number and email address).

While we do understand that accidents happen, the client may be held responsible for any excessive damage sustained to costumes or property of our bus.

Purposed Party reserves the right to take and use photos of all parties and party participants for promotional purposes only.

One-time use implements cotton balls, q-tips, sponges, makeup brushes, etc. Manicure products are sanitized and cleaned upon each use. Towels and bathrobes are laundered and cleaned after each use.  Comprehensive training for all employees in cross contamination management and entertainment spa treatment protocols. Parents must fill out the waiver/consent form, informing us of any allergies or health concerns.

In case of severe weather or unforeseen circumstances, we at Purposed Party reserve the right to reschedule your event. If you choose to reschedule or cancel your event due to severe weather, illness, etc. remember your deposit is nonrefundable. We will gladly work with you to reschedule your party (with no changes) for an alternate date.

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